Neato XV-21 Review

The Neato XV-21 is a compact little machine. It works using laser-based vision. Every time it's switched on it scans the area with laser eyes, mapping design. But is it the best robotic vacuum cleaner of this moment?

Firstly, what are the features that makes the Neato the Best vacuum for pet hair?

Armed with a special bristled brush, the robotic cleaner can pick up tough pet hair, fibers and dander. Another highlight is the pet and allergy filter this will boosts suction power and airflow and can retains more than 3 times the amount of fine dust/debris particles of those standard filters.
Introducing the onboard RPS (Room Positioning System) technology, this is a remarkable system developed by Neato that combines laser vision together with mapping. With the Neato armed, the robotic cleaner uses its laser to scan for its surroundings and accurately creating the map of the areas need to be cleaned. After having the rooms scanned and the map created, you can then have it setup automatically to help you clean your rooms while you are not at home. It will not fall down the stairs or bump into closed doors.

  • Works on all floor types
  • Full-display LCD screen
  • Methodical cleaning
  • Easy to use by pressing start, selecting spot cleaning or programming a cleaning schedule
  • Automatically adjusts between hard and carpeted floors
  • Charges automatically; returns to charging base when done
  • Large dirt bin - about 3/4 of a quart
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Smart Path cleaning, planning using the laser map
  • Vacuum unit XV-21 
  • Charging base
  • Boundary markers
  • Power cable Charging cable
  • 2 brushes
  • 1 filter

Designed as a true vacuum with a better brush.
This new robotic vacuum cleaner can keep your home healthy, reduces allergens and picks up pet hair and it has a powerful suction as well. This unit can operates quietly especially if it is running on hardwood floor. The special pet and allergy filter can helps picks up and retains fine dust particles. Making it the 'Best vacuum for pet hair' I have seen.
The XV-21 is also easy to clean and empty with the large bag-less dirt bin. Besides that, it can also automatically adjusts between hardwood floors and carpet and it will also automatically returns to its base to recharge once the battery life is getting low.
Most impressive feature is the Room Positioning System technology that comes with the Neato, it can cleverly uses its laser to check for its surroundings and create accurate map of its surroundings which need to be cleaned including obstacles, furniture and doorways. This robot constantly updates the map of the room, so if a new item is added into the room during vacuuming, the robot will add it to the map to ensure accurate cleaning.
This Neato XV-21 is the best robotic vacuum Cleaner compared to the other brands we have used in the past and is certainly the best vacuum for pet hair. This statement is supported by many  Neato XV-21 review we found on the web.

The Neato XV-21 has been one of my best purchases I have made for my family. It keep our house clean every day.



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